Marine Solutions
Commercial Diving Operations



Civil Engineering

Underwater cutting is a frequent requirement for the removal of steel piles after construction projects. ALPHA has a range of specialist ultra thermic cutting equipment capable of cutting steel. 

— Pile cutting

— Wreck removal

— Compartment access

— Chain removal

— Fowled propellers

— Underwater welding

— Ship hull repairs

— Bespoke underwater applications


Commercial Divers

Experienced divers for immediate response. Air divers and equipment to working national and international availability.
— Inspections

— Surveys

— Hazard Clearance

— Diver Medic & Supervisors

— Metal Detection

— Precision Silt Removal

— Ultrasonic Thickness Readings

— Underwater CCTV Video

— Marine Intervention



ALPHA commercial diving carries in stock lifting bags. Our teams of Commercial Divers all have experience with the recovering a stricken vessel in freshwater rivers, estuaries, canals and offshore.

— Lifting Bags

— Boat Salvage

— Cargo Recovery

— Vehicle Savage

— Water Pumps

— Water Jetters

— Deck Crane

— Work Barge

— Salvage Services

Confined Space

Confined Space

Confined Spaces for a diverse range of active intervention for ALPHA projects to include: Lift shafts, Culverts, drains, tunnels, wells and draw-off towers.

— Inspections

— Condition reports

— Spindle replacements

— Bespoke fabrication manufacture

— Surveys

— Bespoke repairs

— Flat valves

— Installations

Underwater Explosive Services

Underwater Explosive Services

ALPHA is able to remove old explosives and do underwater explosive services. We are able to provide a multitude of technical marine solutions to ensure that your project is safe and free of explosive remnants of war.

— Seamless integration

— Sonar data

— ROV investigation

— Diver Intervention

— Minimum delay and downtime

— Diver Medic Technicians Clearance Divers

— Brimstone Bomb Disposal Technicians


Police Assistance

ALPHA Team is offering police assistance on:

— Evidence recovery

— Submerged body recoveries (from accidents/suicides/crime victims)

— Anti-narcotics operations (inspecting ships hulls etc.)

— Anti-terrorism operations (Explosive Ordnance Disposal)

— Search and rescue operations

— Other maritime law enforcement

Obstruction Removal

Obstruction Removal

Obstructions come in a variety of shapes and sizes from mud and silt build up to wreckage and fallen masonry. Each element requires it’s own unique method of removing.

— Precision Silt Removal

— High-Pressure Jetting

— Mooring Clearance

— Accumulative Debris Removal

— Vegetation Removal

— Sunken Pontoons

— Wreck Demolition

— Environmental Cleanup

— Redundant Structures

— Mud & Silt Excavation


Underwater Cutting/Welding

Marine and Inland projects – Harbors, Ports & Marinas, Docks, and inland sites – Reservoirs, Lakes, Canals, Locks, Rivers, ALPHA offers a vast range of engineering skilled services.

— Lock gates maintenance

— Underwater installations

— Underwater instrumentation

— Underwater pipeline

— Underwater valves installation

— Underwater valves repair

— Pipework blanking

— Underwater cable installation

— Underwater Inspection

— Underwater outfalls

— Underwater outlets & intakes

— Grilles & Trash screen installation

Dam Maintenance

Dam Maintenance

ALPHA Team is offering dam maintenance services such as like:

— Gate inspections, sealing , replacement and obstetrical removing

— Underwater construction, maintenance and inspection

— Hydro dam and underwater asset maintenance

— Bridge, wharf and jetty inspections and repairs


ALPHA is symbioses of GEORGIAN and ISRAEL marine friendship, which has 15 years of working experience.
As a professional Israel diving company, Alpha has outstanding share in participating in the development of Offshore and Inshore Industry Program Supported by executive and expert personnel, having qualification and experience for 15 years and exclusively supported by National and International Partners as well.
In line with the vision and mission, Alpha is always trying to be a company that always develops quality of professional services in marine and under water technique business in order to take care of the customer trust and safety.

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